Arun Shenoy & The Maverick Express


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After close to 2 years out of the public spotlight, GRAMMY Award Nominee, ARUN SHENOY returns to the music scene with a new EP titled “The Unplugged Songwriter Sessions“.

On this collaboration with THE MAVERICK EXPRESS, Shenoy introduces the singer-songwriter facet of his art, a dramatic shift from the large scale contemporary jazz and world productions he is best known for internationally.

A delightful, organically rendered singer-songwriter album featuring the guitarist’s lushly melodic melodies, simple yet thoughtful lyrics and, as a wonderful surprise, surprisingly graceful vocals“…..Jonathan Widran, Veteran American Music Journalist×

Arun Shenoy & The Maverick Express - The Unplugged Songwriter Sessions


Acknowledging an extended phase of dealing with personal issues, the music on these recordings, bring out a more fragile and vulnerable side of Shenoy’s personality, brought to life as intimate sound painted on a canvas of silence.

The happy go lucky nature of the music, with an upbeat vibe, resonates with Shenoy’s typical production style and given the personal nature of the music, Shenoy has chosen to sing the songs himself, a first for him, thus presenting a true songwriter’s perspective. Lonnie Park serves as co-lead vocalist on the project.

The band has chosen to do away with top‑flight recording facilities, instead choosing to record the album in their frontman’s garage with many of the early demos making it straight to the final masters. Hence the origin of the title “The Unplugged Songwriter Sessions

The music on the album has been produced and arranged by Shenoy and long time collaborator, Duke Purisima and engineered by Jerry Chua. The cover art illustration has been created by Mahesh Nambiar with Eddie Iverson of Courant Creative serving as the Visual Art Director and Typographer on the project.

The first 3 tracks on the record, “The Perfect Mistake”, “Beauty in Blue” and “Hallelujah” were written by Shenoy for his muse at the time. Accompanied by a supporting music video, “The Perfect Mistake” also serves as the lead track on the album.

Learning to Fly” was a song written by Shenoy as a tribute to his home country Singapore, marking the struggles of its founding father Lee Kuan Kuan Yew and the Pioneer Generation who have made Singapore what it is today,  a bustling metropolis in Southeast Asia. Closing the album is “The Purple Phoenix Tour” a tribute to Murex, a financial software firm that Shenoy has been associated with since 2004.

Follow up plans additional tracks also released as singles, and a full length follow up album.


ARUN SHENOY burst onto the international stage out of relative obscurity with a GRAMMY® Award nomination at the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards.for his debut world fusion production titled RUMBADOODLE in 2012.

“Bliss”, Shenoyʼs follow up single from his Indian World Fusion project was launched by the Recording Academy via a Worldwide Exclusive First Look at in 2013.

His second album, a contemporary Jazz Funk album titled  A STAGEY BANK AFFAIR released in 2016 as a collaboration with THE GROOVE PROJECT, a musical supergroup including Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), Jim “Kimo” West (Weird Al Yankovic) and Ed Roth (Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats) was chosen as the Critics’s Pick for Best Album of the Year by Jazziz Magazine the authorative voice in the world of Jazz.  

Shenoy has been featured twice in the best dressed list at the GRAMMY® Award red carpet arrivals,  in 2014 by Zen Magazine and again in 2015 by Le Guide Noir.

Soul’d, a Jazz Funk trio formed by Shenoy made significant inroads into US mainstream radio in major markets through the release of an eponymous debut single in 2014. In the same year, Shenoy has also collaborated with American producer Matthew Shell on a single titled “Genesis” and has served as the executive producer on Shell’s latest release in 2017, FIRST LIGHT. He has also released 2 Alt Rock. singles titled “Make Up Your Mind or Leave In Behind” and “Illusion” in collaboration with Sridhar in 2014, and an American Roots single titled “If I Knew” with American singer-songwriter Elizabeth Butler in 2017.

Arun Shenoy

The collection proves Arun Shenoy to be a deft storyteller, incorporating a great amount of detail into the singular whole. By far the true heart and soul of the collection comes from Arun Shenoy’s emotive vocals that nicely tie everything together.“….Skope Magazine×


THE MAVERICK EXPRESS is a musical group and rolling roster of musicians comprised largely of Shenoy’s long term collaborators.

Lonnie Park serves as co-lead vocalist on the music backed up by the powerhouse groove section of Duke Purisima on Bass and Jerry Chua behind the Drums.

The band also features Vahagn Stepanyan on piano, Owen Gurry on the guitar and Nahuel Bronzini on string arrangements. Ian Cameron on Violin, Ravichandra Kulur on the flute and Matthieu Avanthey as the lyricist complete the lineup.

Featured guests include Nicolas Laget on the saxophone, Jon Sterckx on percussion and Jody Ward on backing vocals.


01. The Perfect Mistake
02. Beauty in Blue
03. Hallelujah (feat. Nicolas Laget)
04. Learning to Fly (The Singapore Tribute)
05. The Purple Phoenix Tour (The Murex Tribute)