Sol Cover Art


  1. Rhythm Of The Sun (2:32)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Lonnie Park)
  2. The Violin Song (3:34)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron)
  3. Sleepy Town (2:49)
    • (Arun Shenoy)
  4. Wanderlust In Keys (3:50)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Glenn Sharp, Edward Roth)

An elaborate production, recorded almost entirely live at various locations across the Globe. The passionate rhythms of flamenco, fused with with contemporary popular music sensibilities make this a unique and evocative musical experience. A world music debut of composer/ producer Arun Shenoy.


  • Produced by Arun Shenoy
  • Arranged by Arun Shenoy,Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Chua
  • Artwork by Robert Capria (Actuality Films)
  • Additional artwork by Roshni Mohapatra





  • © ℗ 2010 Arun Shenoy Music Publishing