Rumbadoodle Cover Art


  1. Rumbadoodle (3:51)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  2. My Ballad Days (4:03)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Glenn Sharp)
  3. Prance (3:59)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima)
  4. Rock And Rigmarole (4:47)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Owen Gurry, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  5. The Violin Song (3:30)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron)
  6. Fireflies (4:29)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  7. Blue Sky Happiness Part-I (3:57)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Owen Gurry, Glenn Sharp)
  8. Blue Sky Happiness Part-II (5:11)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Lonnie Park)
  9. Sleepy Town (2:47)
    • (Arun Shenoy)
  10. Wanderlust in Keys (3:50)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Glenn Sharp, Edward Roth)
  11. Rhythm Of The Sun (2:37)
    • (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Lonnie Park)
Early Sketches by Roshni Mo
Additional Artwork


The 55th Annual GRAMMY® Award nominated, full length studio album of Arun Shenoy released on August 30,  2012 explores a bold new perspective of the gypsy rumba flamenco, combining elements of the traditional art form with a myriad of popular music forms.  Recorded almost entirely live across the Globe,  this record is an explorative journey, doodling across genre boundaries as we know it today,  creating a unique and true masterpiece along the way.  An Arun Shenoy signature.

Rumbadoodle CD Package


  • Produced by Arun Shenoy
  • Arranged by Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Additional String Arrangements by Owen Gurry, Jonathan Wesley
  • Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Chua
  • Additional Engineering by Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Art Direction by Robert Capria, Roshni Mohapatra, Arun Shenoy
  • Artwork by Robert Capria (Actuality Films)
  • Additional Artwork by Roshni Mohapatra
  • Liner Notes by Roshni Mohapatra, Arun Shenoy
  • Photography by Roshni Mohapatra
  • Ian Cameron – Violin
  • Glenn Sharp – Flamenco Guitar
  • Owen Gurry – Guitar (Electric)
  • Ramil Duke Purisima – Bass, Percussion
  • Jerry Chua – Drums
  • Shamoon Khatri – Keyboards
  • Lonnie Park – Keyboards, Piano
  • Edward Roth – Organ, Piano
  • Jonathan Wesley – Keyboards, Piano


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  • © ℗ 2012 Arun Shenoy Music Publishing