Rumbadoodle Cover Art


  1. Rumbadoodle
  2. My Ballad Days
  3. Prance
  4. Rock And Rigmarole
  5. The Violin Song
  6. Fireflies
  7. Blue Sky Happiness Part-I
  8. Blue Sky Happiness Part-II
  9. Sleepy Town
  10. Wanderlust in Keys
  11. Rhythm Of The Sun

The 55th Annual GRAMMY® Award nominated, full length studio album of Arun Shenoy released on August 30,  2012 explores a bold new perspective of the gypsy rumba flamenco, combining elements of the traditional art form with a myriad of popular music forms.  Recorded almost entirely live across the Globe,  this record is an explorative journey, doodling across genre boundaries as we know it today,  creating a unique and true masterpiece along the way.  An Arun Shenoy signature.


  1. Rumbadoodle (Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  2. My Ballad Days (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Glenn Sharp)
  3. Prance (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima)
  4. Rock And Rigmarole (Arun Shenoy, Owen Gurry, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  5. The Violin Song (Arun Shenoy, Ian Cameron)
  6. Fireflies (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Glenn Sharp, Jonathan Wesley)
  7. Blue Sky Happiness Part-I (Arun Shenoy, Owen Gurry, Glenn Sharp)
  8. Blue Sky Happiness Part-II (Arun Shenoy, Lonnie Park)
  9. Sleepy Town (Arun Shenoy)
  10. Wanderlust in Keys (Arun Shenoy, Glenn Sharp, Edward Roth)
  11. Rhythm Of The Sun (Arun Shenoy, Ramil Duke Purisima, Lonnie Park)
  • Produced and arranged by Arun Shenoy
  • Co-arranged by Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Chua
  • Additional Engineering by Arun Shenoy and Ramil Duke Purisima
  • Art Direction by Robert Capria, Roshni Mohapatra and Arun Shenoy
  • Artwork by Robert Capria (Actuality Films)



  • © ℗ 2012 Arun Shenoy Music Publishing